Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keeping up with the Jerry Jones'

The Cowboys just fired Wade Phillips and promoted Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett to Head Coach, making him just the 8th coach in Cowboys history. That little stat gave me pause. It forced me to realize that the Redskins have had 7 Head Coaches since 1999.

Could the Dallas Cowboys, that Texas twister of dysfunction and drama possibly be better run with more consistency than the Redskins?

Well, not really. The Cowboys got really lucky with Landry leading them for 30 years. Also, if you go back to 1999 again, they've had 5 coaches in the last 11 years. Also, during that time the Skins have had 11 starting quarterbacks where the Cowboys have started 14 different guys at QB. Comparing franchise instability with the Cowboys is a little like arguing over who's mama is fatter, it's not really a big victory to win that argument.

The Cowgirls have a new (interim) coach in Jason "Red Jesus" Garrett, and we all better hope he (or someone else) doesn't right his ship before Mike Shanahan can.

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