Friday, December 17, 2010

The McNabb Era is Over, enter Rex Grossman

Well, it's been real, it's been fun... but it hasn't been real fun. Today it's become apparent that the Redskins are starting "Sexy" Rexy Grossman on Sunday. The hell with it, he couldn't be worse than McNabb this season. McNabb has struggled, but the Redskins gave up two draft picks for him and I always liked him as a player. I hoped he'd rebound and the coaches would see something in him and he'd be our leader for the forseeable future, but there's just no conceivable way he'll be back next season. Benching him completely ends our relationship with him, good thing that contract extension makes him tradeable.

Fact of the matter is, I like McNabb, but if Shanahan doesn't see a long term match here it's better to cut ties too soon than too late. I was hoping that the Redskins would trade down in this draft, pick up more selections and rebuild the weaknesses on the team. The free agent market is especially weak for signal callers so now it seems they will probably use a first round pick on a QB for the 3rd time in 9 years. (Ramsey 2002, Campbell 2005)

Stanford Cardinal QB Andrew Luck will almost certainly be taken #1 overall unless he has an especially bad bowl game and workout. That leaves us with Ryan Mallet, Jake Locker and Cam Newton as possible options. It's too early to really speculate on which of these might fascinate coach Shanahan. The Skins might also be looking for a reclamation project like Carson Palmer (though Seattle seems like a more likely destination), Vince Young, Matt Lienart, Brady Quinn, or Chad Henne. Maybe they'll try to pluck a young backup off another team who they could mold like Josh Johnson from Tampa Bay, Kevin Kolb from Philly or Stephen McGee from Dallas.

Either way, Coach Shanahan needs to get a QB soon, I don't think Sexy Rexy is gonna cut it.

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